Social Work

Elena Arreguín Osuna make an important social work helping to get some free scholarships to people of low incom sufferinf from eating disorders.

She has the valuable help of a group of therapists and nutritionists who charge low fees that are adapted to the possibilities of each patient, in order to achieve multi-disciplanary therapy to attack the disease.

Among the specialists there are the valuable help of Dr. J. Armando Melendez Barriguete. Consultant of thr Clinic of Obesity and Eating Disorders of "Hospital Angeles" and the Department of Health Education of the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition "Salvador Zubirán".

Dr. Barriguete is also president of the Fundación Franco-Mexicana para la medicina IAP and Latin American adviser of the "Academy for Eating Disorders".






Social Welfare campaign in conjunction with the DIF Mexico supported by its president Isis Ávila M.

In the offices of DIF Toluca talking about "Social Welfare" campaign, offering free lectures to prevent child sexual abuse and eating disorders, and readings and give away ofof children's stories book "The Children of the Sun" to the children of shelters.




Impressive and touching expressions of gratitude that people from Mexico and other countries have expressed me for having helped them to get ahead of their problems of eating disorders after having read my autobiography "HAMBRE.Bullying and other abuso.Bulimia"

"This ... This fills your soul and makes you cry..."