"Hunger, Bullying and other types of abuse. Bulimia " It is a captivating novel in which the writer Elena B. Arreguín Osuna bravely guided us through a very hard life history, narrating the different abuses she suffered during her childhood and adolescence, and who forced her in her adulthood to take an unexpected decision that would change her life completely.

A brave decision that teach us many life lessons, today that the eating disorders, Bullying and the sexual, psychologic and emotional abuses are a world wide epidemic.

A must reading novel for parents and children.

First Edition : March 2012

ISBN: 978-607-00-5206-4



The Ice Bridge

"The Ice Bridge " it's a science fiction novel located in Mexico City at the present time.

The protagnist a middle class young girl see disrupted her dailiy routine by founding herself by a twist fate into the search of the meaning of a symbol embodied on the wall, and which will have unthinkable consequences for her. Even Seeing herself with the responsability to save the world.

A brilliantly written story that leads us to know and get into the true meaning of the Mayan prophecies about the end the world.

A vibrant theme nowadays.

First edition: October, 2012

ISBN: 978-607-00-5841-7



El Puente de Hielo



Forthcoming Books :

"The kids of sun" Children Tales about the adventures of two boys from Mayan origin, In which the author seeks to rescue the ancient Mexican culture and values.


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