Elena Beatriz Arreguín Osuna, was born in Mexico City. She studied Sciences of Comunication degree with an speciality in Journalism at Anahuac del Norte University.

She obtained her broadcaster certificate in 1994.Published some articles and interviews in different magazines in 1996. A year later, started to write columns about personal finances in newspapers such as; El Universal, El Financiero and El Economista during almost three years. Later, she worked writing news at the News Department of the program "Hechos de la Mañana" of TV Azteca, she also worked writiing scripts for the programs; "Ciudad Desnuda" and "Evidencias of the same Tv Station.

On March, 2012 published her autobiographical novel, “Hunger, Bullying and other types of abuse. Bulimia”.

On October, 2012 published the science fiction novel,;  “The Ice Bridge ”.

On November. 2014 the author Elena Arreguin published her most recent book, "The Children of the Sunl" which is about two chilfren of Aztec Origin , with this book Elena is trying to recover the origin and values of the ancient Mexican Traditions.

On september 2017 Elena launched the second part of "The children of the Sun Il" where te adventures of Citlalli and Tonatiuh continues to share the mexican culture and the traditions to the mexican children.

On November 2017 published a novel basec on actrual facts "The Millonaires of Christ, the fall" a novel that has shocked the most high clerical authoritiies of México. It is about the sexual and psichological abuses made by the most powerful catholic religious order.